I need selfie 'L' plates!

Sometimes when I'm wearing one of my bohemia fashion dresses ... and I'm feeling pretty damn hot ... I think ok here's a good selfie opportunity for facebook or instagram. But so many times the images have ended up in the delete box as I just can't seem to master the perfect selfie. I'm like a 'learner driver' and need one of my teenage nieces to give me a few selfie driving lessons.

Take this shot here after about 20 attempts of standng side on, front on, from a high angle, a low angle, showing my face, chopping my face out, full length, knee length ... delete, delete, delete, delete, delete ... until I'm left with this one image. And still I'm feeling a little selfie self-conscious!

So please be patient with me. I will get better at this!

Mia x

P.S. I'm wearing the One Shoulder Drape Dress.